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High Quality Fencing for your Home or Business in Omaha Nebraska

Installing a Fence is an Important Investment

When deciding on a new fence for your property, look for a fence that will stand the test of time and make sure you're getting top-quality materials and installation. Talk to the professionals at Empire Fence Company to get all your questions answered and get specific information about the fence and automated gate entry system that will meet all of your needs.

At Empire Fence Company, we have installed fences across the Omaha Nebraska region in wood, vinyl, chain link, aluminum, and the customizable FenceTrac system for our residential and commercial customers in a variety of styles and customizable options that can fit your budget and needs. At Empire Fence Company, we would love the opportunity to show you what has made us the top family-owned and operated fencing company in Nebraska!

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Omaha Nebraska property owners can use our FREE online Fence Estimator Tool to easily compare pricing of different configurations, options, and styles for your fence. Get your instant price quote now!

Which Fence is a Good Fit for You?

At Empire Fence Company, whether you need a fence for your business or home, we've got you covered!

Omaha Nebraska residential fencing company

Omaha Nebraska
Residential Fences

Every homeowner in Omaha NE wants a property that is valuable and secure for themselves, their children and their pets. When it comes to creating those safe spaces, a residential fence is the ticket! Our fence experts can help you sort through the options of vinyl fence, aluminum fence, wood fence and chain link fence to find the one that suits your space and specifics perfectly.

Omaha Residential Fencing
Omaha Nebraska commercial fencing company

Omaha Nebraska
Commercial Fences

Fencing is an important part of protecting business materials, staff and clients. We know all about it! As one of the leading fence companies in the Omaha NE area, we help businesses make the best choice to fit their needs and budget.

Omaha Commercial Fencing

The Most Popular Nebraska Fence Types

Omaha Nebraska home and business owners have four main fencing options. Each of the four categories has several styles, so you may select one that fits your needs, whether for decorative, pool, privacy, or another purpose. Explore our list of fence types and speak to our team to get started!

aluminum fence Omaha Nebraska

Omaha Nebraska Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fencing will provide beauty and security to your Omaha home or business. Our top-quality aluminum fences come with outstanding warranties, are low-maintenance and strong, and offer worry-free security.

Aluminum Fences
vinyl fence Omaha Nebraska

Omaha Nebraska Vinyl Fences

Omaha homeowners favor vinyl fences. Strong and flexible, it comes in privacy styles or open picket and it's perfect for Nebraska's weather.

Vinyl Fences
chain link fence Omaha Nebraska

Omaha Nebraska Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are effective and smart to choose for Omaha property owners. This fence, which may be used for home and commercial applications, combines security with cost-effectiveness.

Chain Link Fences
wood fence Omaha Nebraska

Omaha Nebraska Wood Fences

Wood fences look great in Omaha. Though it requires a bit more maintenance than other materials, wood fencing provides a natural, eco-friendly option that has always been a customer favorite!

Wood Fences

Wood Fences in Omaha Nebraska

With its natural appearance and flexibility to be tailored into practically any design you like, a strong wood fence is a fantastic option for homes in the NE's Omaha area because of its versatility and ability to look right at home with its surroundings.

We've compiled a short list of the most popular fence types that your friends and neighbors in and around the Omaha area have chosen for their homes.

Omaha NE Board on Board Style Wood Fences

Board on Board Style Wood Fences

If you want a clean, finished look for your wood privacy fence, select a board on board wood privacy fence. With several styles available, this will give you the option of choosing what will work best for your property.

Omaha NE Horizontal Style Wood Fences

Horizontal Style Wood Fences

If you want a unique, modern design for your wood fence, then having us install the boards horizontally will give you the contemporary look you're after! This style also allows for semi-private and full privacy options and will give you the option of choosing what will work best for your property.

Omaha NEPrivacy Style Wood Fences

Privacy Style Wood Fences

In Omaha NE, a variety of privacy stockade fence styles are available in this traditional form of wood fencing. For the top of the fence, you can choose either a dog-ear or a flat top style, depending on your preference. It is also possible to change the height of the boards, which can range anywhere from 4' to 8'.

Omaha NE Shadowbox semi-privacy Wood Fence Design

Shadowbox Wood Fence Design

This form of wood fencing in Omaha Nebraska is beautiful from either side of the fence, and it is available in both horizontal and vertical designs. It has boards that alternate on each side of the fence, and it may be installed horizontally or vertically. It is ideal for neighbors who are dividing the cost of the fence since both sides have the same beautiful appearance.

Try Our Free Fence Estimator

Ready to explore your fencing options for the Omaha area? With our free online estimator tool, you can do just that with a few clicks! Input your information and get estimates for your fence specifications you are considering with no obligation.

Superior Fencing Installation in Omaha

We are the home of the highest rated fence installation team in the Omaha area. Our installers are ready to help you get the fence you need!

Omaha Nebraska Professional fence installation in Omaha Nebraska

Local Experts in Omaha for Professional Fencing Installation

Since its founding in 2019, Empire Fence has helped Omaha residents and businesses with the installation of thousands of fences. Our installers put in extra effort to guarantee that we are using cutting-edge techniques that are in line with the highest-quality industry requirements. Know that your fence will be installed correctly and last a lifetime when you choose our company.

From concept to completion, your project is our priority!

We love to bring your ideas to life, no matter how big or small, we enjoy the challenge!

Based in Waverly, Nebraska, Empire Netting and Fence specializes in the supplying and installation of commercial netting projects and many types of fencing solutions across the USA. Founded in 2009 by Matt Warner, Empire has grown to become the go-to company for sports, golf, and bird netting as well as high quality fence and access control systems in Nebraska, Iowa and across the continental United States.

Our fencing services extend from residential and commercial fence installations, wood deck and fence staining and high security gate automation and access control. In addition to our installation services we can provide our customers with windscreen, safety padding, sun sails, and graphic banners.

What makes our company stand above the competition is our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry and our great ability to deliver high quality products with exceptional customer service at a reasonable cost.

Let us help you create your best fencing or netting solution because...above it all, from backyards to business space, from little league to major league, from concept to completion, your project is our priority!

Buying a Fence in Omaha Nebraska

Our Easy Process

Shopping for a fence with Empire Fence in Omaha is the easiest process you'll find anywhere! Installing fences is what we do best, and we have the knowledge and expertise to help you every step of the way. Follow our easy process and you'll have your new, beautiful fence installed in no time!

Buying a fence step 1: Design Your Fence Online
Step 1: Design Your Fence Online

Making a fence plan has never been simpler! To get a free quote, just use our online tool to draw out your fence's dimensions on a map, pick out the materials and the design, and our team will contact you to continue the process!

Buying a fence step 2: Speak with Our Fence Expert
Step 2: Speak with Our Fence Expert

When our fence specialists get your request, they'll contact you to answer any questions you have and help you finalize the order for your perfect fence. Fence design and installation in Omaha NE is something we specialize in, and our team is ready to help you make your selections.

Buying a fence step 3: Installation
Step 3: Delivery & Installation

Once you schedule your installation with us, our team will make sure all materials are ordered and on the way. Once installation day comes, we will communicate with you to be sure everything is ready and all our instructions are clear. After that, leave the job to us! We will install your fence and you'll be ready to enjoy the benefits of your new fence for many years!

Talk to Our Team of Fence & Netting Experts

Do you have questions about the best fence or gate options for your Omaha Nebraska property? Or do you need our sports and event netting system team to help with your facility project? Our team is ready to help you with your project needs, big or small. We're here for you!

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We make it easy to get an estimate from Empire Fence Company! Our easy-to-use Instant Quote Tool allows you to get an estimate with just a few clicks. Or you can simply reach out to our office staff through our online contact form, or give us a call and our friendly fence pros will walk you through the process. It helps to have the measurements of your property and take a look at the types of fencing we have available on our website before you call. We'll be happy to help you design your fence and get the perfect solution for you!

We stand behind every one of the fence installation jobs that we complete in Omaha with a workmanship warranty to cover our labor for your peace of mind. Manufacturer warranties are also included for most materials based on the specific type of fence and style you choose. Ask our fence experts about the fence you would like, and they will get you the answers you need.

We schedule our fence installations to be completed as quickly as we can and as soon as we have all of the materials needed for your specific fence design. We do our very best to accommodate your needs! Once installation day arrives, your fence will be up very quickly, usually within a day or two, though it depends on the size of your job. Speak to our team to talk about what you need and we will be happy to make a plan that works best for you!

Prices on fences are dependent on the material you choose and the exact style you order. We provide quotes for free! Simply reach out to our team through our online form or give us a call and our friendly, experienced staff will be glad to walk you through the process and plan a consultation.

Every local municipality has a separate set of requirements when it comes to building permits, and that includes fencing. If you are unsure about the permitting requirements in your specific town, you can call your town building code office or speak to our professionals. We will be glad to help you with the process.

There is no bad time of year to get a fence in Omaha Nebraska. There are certain times during the year when our installation schedule is busier, but our fence team always does its best to get you the fence you need right when you need it. Reach out today to find out what our current schedule looks like!

Our Omaha Nebraska Fences

When you're out and about in Omaha NE, you'll see many fences with the Empire Fence Company sign on them. We have collected our favorites in our photo gallery so you don't have to drive around to find them!

Our photo gallery and website highlight our favorite fences. If you see something you like, call us today to discover the best fence for your home or business!

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