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Fence Trac

FenceTrac is a system that has virtually endless possibilities with a beautiful aesthetic look and is designed to simplify picket installation. The posts and frame are made of steel which encases a privacy picket providing personalized options for choice of material, color and style. Using tongue & groove pickets prevents warping and resists exposure to the elements – meaning, the installed fence has virtually no maintenance cost.  FenceTrac pickets can be made of almost any material; wood, vinyl, composite, and the pickets can even run horizontally!

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum Fence

We offer an outstanding selection of maintenance-free, powder coated aluminum fences that come in a variety of styles, colors and heights.  Aluminum fences are a sturdy and long lasting option for your home.  An aluminum fence will greatly enhance the look of your property, keep your pets contained and most importantly, keep your children safe.


Wood Fence

Wood fences have traditionally been one of the most popular types of fences that homeowners are looking for.  Whether it’s privacy, security, or aesthetics a cedar fence is a great choice for your home.  Empire Fence can also, enhance the look of your wood fence with one of our durable stains that come in a variety of colors.  Our boards do not come from your local big box store and they are all grade #1s.

vinyl fence

Vinyl Fence

Empire Fence & Netting is a certified installer of all Royal vinyl fence products. Royal Building Products offers a wide variety of vinyl fencing. Set a rich and inviting tone for your home, with beautiful Triple Crown™ Fence residential styles. Royal Outdoor’s in-line coloring system, with 100% premium Dura Technology™ vinyl, creates an elegance that will last and last. With Triple Crown Fence, you can enjoy your life however you wish, without the tedious tasks of staining, painting or sealing your fence. In the long run, you’ll save money and precious time – while transforming your home’s exterior or property into a welcoming, beautiful outdoor space.

For more information on vinyl fencing, visit RoyalBuildingProducts.com

chainlink fence

Chain Link Fence

From residential to commercial purposes, our chain link fencing products can be used for just about any project. Chain link fencing is not only practical, but it's easy to install and extremely cost effective. The chain link wire pattern provides a secure fasten creating a strong and durable design. Chain link fencing is not only a great protection solution, but it also has the advantage of being see through.Here are just a few examples of what chain link fencing can provide:

• Keep Pets Contained
• Keep Children Safely In The Yard
• Provide Security
• Property Boundary
• Provide Privacy

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