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Empire can offer many different netting options to meet the needs of your project. Netting can be a good alternative to fence when used in many sports field applications. All of our netting is made and manufactured in the US and can be custom made to the specific requirements for your project. With every Empire Netting System we provide the following:

  • Custom fabric dimensions
  • All support poles, cabling and connections are designed and engineered for the specific application (structural engineer seal can be provided)
  • Full product submittals and shop drawings provide for review prior to ordering material
  • Warranty on all poles, cable and fabric

There are many different types of netting applications and we can provide custom solutions to meet your needs. Please review the list below and check out our online store for many of the common netting applications:

  • Driving ranges (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Batting Cages (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Golf Hitting cages ((Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Backstop nets for baseball
  • Retractable net partitions (Indoor gyms, custom protections near golf courses)
  • Bird netting
  • Fish netting
  • Safety nets (must be designed by professional engineer for specific application)

Our netting is designed to minimize the harmful effects from the UV rays.