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Causes of Fence Rot and Rot Prevention

December 8, 2011 by  
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Nebraska is often known for its harsh winters and drought stricken summers which causes fencing to go through some of the most extremes.  Over time, wood fencing subjected to wind, rain, and sunlight will deteriorate and often rot will set in.  The most common form of fencing rot is dry rot.  Dry rot is a wood decay that occurs when water damages the wood to the point that all protective oils become diminished.  Fungus sets in and digests parts of the wood that leads to a brittle state and compromises the structural soundness of the fencing.

The number one way to help prevent this rot from setting in is the use of stain.  Stains restore the protecting covering of bark that is stripped in the production process of fencing.  The stain supplements wood’s natural oils and helps fight against Mother Nature’s toughest elements.  Also check regularly that your fencing is free of debris such as leaves and branches.  Debris traps moistures which can cause rot or even harbor an infestation of termites.  By following these steps, you will ensure that your fencing lifetime will sustain your investment.

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